PROXY BIDDING: Enter the maximum price you will be willing to pay for an item, and allow our auction platform to bid for you in a pre determined bid increment (usually $10) until someone places a higher bid than your maximum. This allows you to win auctions at the lowest price possible. The best part is that you don’t have to watch the auction live. We will notify you after auction if your proxy has won!

EXTENDED BIDDING ** NEW FEATURE**: If there is active bidding within the last 30 seconds of an item’s closing time, then the auction (for that item only) will extend for an additional 60 seconds (1 minute), giving bidders a final chance to compete.

DISCLAIMER: As an RTTO in WA State, we auction vehicles under RCW 46.55. Registered owners may redeem vehicles from impound for the duration of auction for the full balance due on the account. Registered owners are prohibitted from bidding on their vehicle at auction.  A-Jacks is not liable to any bidders for vehicles removed from auction prior to it’s close. If you are the high bidder on a vehicle, A-Jacks office staff will contact you with your total balance due 1 -2 hours post auction. Payment is due NO LATER than 4:00pm the day of auction’s close. All vehicles must be removed from A-Jacks’ premesis no later than 4:00pm the Friday following auction’s close. Failure to remit timely payment will result in $150 per vehicle re-list fees being charged to your account, and auction privledges being suspended. Failure to redeem vehicles by Friday afternoon will result in accumulation of daily storage charges. Vehicles left after 2 weeks from auction’s close will be re-impounded at the buyer’s expense.